What role does music play in our lives?

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Alejandro Ramírez (Mr. Insect) studied music composition at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His tutors were composers Hugo Rosales, Leonardo Coral, Lucía Álvarez and Luis Pastor. In addition to his classical formation, he has taken courses and diplomas on electronic music production, acousmatic music, sound design and music for film and media.

In his music he integrates different elements and techniques from classical music, EDM, acousmatic music, improvisation, ambient and experimental music, making each work unique.

His music has been played at UNAM's Faculty of Music and Humanities House, Superior Music School, University of the Cloister of Sor Juana, among other places.

In December 2018 he made the music for C3, a work with contemporary dance and flamenco dance. And in 2019 he made the sound design for “This is a Human Being”, a performance with video and contemporary dance.